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Lap counter for windows, complete turnkey solutions. We have complete lap counting kits for plastic tracks such as HO tomy,tyco, afx type tracks, Ninco, Scalextric, Carrera. For other types of tracks or if you prefer to use reed switches or dead strip select Custom kit, click details and select number of lanes and sensor type. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call our toll free number 877-756-8227. All our windows software are Windows 98,XP,ME,Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8 compatible.



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    Note: All our turnkey systems already includes software on CD. Sotware requires Trackmate hardware.   There is a demo mode which will simulate races which will allow to test all the features. Compatible with Windows 98, XP, ME, 2000, Windows 7, Window 8 Features1 to 8 lanes Any sensor type,  Infrared, Reed, Dead strip 1/1000 second accuracy Lap races, Timed races Supports Lap and Timed Races and Lane Rotation Supports up to 60 racers in round robin format Works with Desk Tops and laptops Hardware insures accurate timing to .001 seconds even with background applications running or with program minimized Connects to Com port leaving your printer port free Sound -"Ready GO", "1 Lap remaining" etc.  Supports 1- 8 Lanes Relay to control track power Sorts racers according to position during race    Displays - Lap Times, Best Lap, Median, lag/interval time between racers Print summary and lap times Enter racers names only once Change type of data being displayed by clicking on heading. i.e.. MPH or Best Lap Timer between heats for comlete hands off automated racing Championship mode Powerful Custom Rotation Editor    Auto pop-up race results option to add or subtract laps from racer after heat. On the fly add or subtract laps Race Results  includes average number of laps per heat Rotation race supports timed and lap heats Optional warning sounds on count down timer at 1 min, 30 seconds, 10 seconds Resizing screen is possible Two styles of  count down, drag racing and Formula 1 auto save data to text Break Out Feature - Disallow fast lap times below a predetermined lap time. Synthesized voice for lap times (see hot keys) Sell time available

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