Trackmate RC lap counter decoder


Download Software Click Here Includes Manual and drivers


The transponders are smaller now, are they still compatible with the old ones?
The new transponders released in March 2016 are only half the size 21mm x 10mm with the same performance  

Whats the voltage range for the transponder?
Normally it will will be plugged into an empty receiver channel providing 5 volts, but if connected directly to a battery it is 13 volts max.  It can run on 1s  to 3s lipos

Whats the difference between the Mini-z and the regular transponder?
Both transponders are the same only the connector is different

Can I use the RC transponder for quadcopters?
You should use the transponder specifically made for quadcopters

Is the system compatible with other transponders?
No but the good thing is our tranponders are the least expensive on the market

How to transfer names to new version of software?  
Copy racers_all.txt found in data directory example: program files(x86)iridium650datanamesracers_all.txt  to program files(x86)iridium690datanames

 Error 430
Text to speech error...  There are two programs in the voice driver directory on flash drive/cd run those two programs then voice should work  or download from here.