Slot Car Driver Station

This is a driver station also called a controller hook up panel.  Accepts banana plugs or aligator clips.   10 amp Direction switch.  Compatible with electronic controllers.   LED indicators. 


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Also get the Mini Relay panel,  highly recommended for a super easy installation.

  • Switch is used so you can drive in either direction
  • Dual color LED for power,  so you know if you are wired common negative or common positive, useful when using electronic controllers
  • 2.5 amp resettable fuse.   They are easily bypassed if needed
  • Terminal screw on the back side, no soldering required
  • Post can accommodate banana plugs or alligator clips


Measures: 4.3" x 2.25"  .5" deep   (108mm x 57mm  13mm deep)

Also available in a box part# TM104

See Video below for soldering wires to rails