RC Lap Counter Budget Package

Complete package hardware and software.   
Infrared RC Lap Counter / Timer for radio Controlled cars. 

This is everything you need to start racing on a track that is 5 feet wide.


  • 4 overhead detectors
  • 3 Transponders
  • Trackmate USB decoder
  • 10 foot USB cable
  • 20 foot cable to go from decoder to overhead detectors
  • Software
  • 1 year warranty
  • Toll free support

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Software Downloads and support click here


  • overhead detectors to cover a 5 foot track.
  • 3 TranspondersTrackmate USB decoder
  • 10 foot USB cable
  • 20 foot cable to go from decoder to overhead detectors
  • Software
  • 1 year warranty
  • Toll free support


 This is a new system with 1 year warranty

Why Buy a Trackmate Iridium RC lap counter?

  1. Works with any scale.  Same transponder can be used on 1/24 scale or 1/5 scale.  Even R/C boats
  2. Works indoors or outdoors
  3. Transponder has a unique ID, so your club can have hundreds of members and not have a ID conflict.
  4. Transponders are dirt cheap. 5 for $129, 10 for $250.     
  5. Includes easy to use software, but you can also run other software (Flipside Racing,Laps Free, Alycat)
  6. Reliable lap counting
  7. No wires to drive over,  sensor are above ground

Toll Free support  877-756-8227

System Requirement Windows 98,2000,XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Software Features

  • Just click Start no complicated setup required
  • Sounds for Lap, Personnel best lap,  Overall best lap 
  • Practice, Qualify, Race
  • Print results
  • View all Lap times
  • Enter Racers name only once with his transponder ID,  it will then automatically show racers name.

Theory of Operation

The Iridium System is a complete timing system for Radio Controlled Cars. The transponders use infrared technology, An overhead bar is placed at the start/finish line approximately 22 inches above the track with sensor modules placed every 14 inches. When a transponder passes underneath it will be detected and its ID will be sent to the PC. All 14 transponders can pass through simultaneously and all of them will be detected and counted.


The overhead sensor units are interconnected with the 12 inch cables supplied. Use as many overhead units as required for the width of your track. One to thirty overhead units can be used. The orientation or which jack is used on the overhead unit does not matter. The overhead units are connected to the lap counting decoder with the included 20 foot cable. The interface board is connected to the PC via the included USB cable. 


Transponders are powered by the R/C receiver battery. You would normally plug into an unused servo channel.  It may be mounted in the windshield area or by having a clear area in the front hood of the car it would be possible to mount the transponder there.